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Urban Resilience/Preparedness Training

Regular Courses

Our regular courses are primarily divided into three levels. Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced.

We provide an introduction to and good grounding in the principles and skills necessary to survive in any wilderness. Covering Survival Psychology, Use of survival equipment, personal safety/dealing with wilderness hazards and looking into the four survival priorities (Shelter, Fire, Food and Water) and signaling for help. All in as practical and 'hands on' manner as possible.
We apply all the skills from Basic Level and now go into further detail and greater variety of skills surrounding our four survival priorities. We also begin to learn trauma management and dealing with medical emergencies, and in addition to being fully practical training we now begin to introduce some moderate stress and pressure to assist in generating realistic skills application.
Simply put this level is designed to be more 'testing' than 'teaching', don't worry, you will still learn a great deal, but in these scenario based fully 'immersed' courses, you will need to put all your skills and knowledge to use and see if you can survive what our instructors have planned for you...

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